Consistency is Key: Tales of an Expansion Team – Part 7

Welcome to another update regarding our team’s expansion (second location). Please click here for my previous articles. It’s now a new year, 2020! Wow – a new decade! As I reflect upon the past year, we’ve made some huge strides, faced some obstacles, some failures – or shall we say, ‘opportunities for growth’ and more. During this expansion, which has been challenging, I’ve shared the tough paths we’ve endured thus far. However, I think it’s also important to relish our success a bit too. Shall we?

I’m super proud to say that the Grand Allure Home Group in West Michigan served nearly 100 families in 2019. We donated a portion of our compensation from each of these home sales to the Children’s Miracle Network, an organization our team and RE/MAX is passionate about. We received numerous donations from food/canned good supplies to a winter coat drive, and more collected from our amazing team and clients at our client events to assist the local community. As a team, we’ve laughed, cried, lost a few dear loved ones, lost a few beloved pets, and have worked hard together.

We’ve enjoyed team outings, family team outings and countless hours meeting about and brainstorming about our business and how to lead with a grateful heart and servant mindset. I couldn’t be prouder of the wonderful group of individuals I am blessed to work beside each day.

As my last article referenced, the Grand Allure Home Group in Charlotte, NC is up and running and open for business. We’ve already excitedly helped three families just this week achieve their desire of buying and/or selling in /around the Queen City area. I mentioned in my last (In the Part 6 Article), about my focus to add 3 people per day to my sphere/my database. While I can tell you I’ve certainly been productive towards that goal, I can also tell you there’s room for improvement. I’ve met a ton of people already in this ‘new area’ for my family and I. I’ve attended coffee and connections events, networking luncheons, volunteered at my kid’s school, met other like-minded people at the gym, attending my local MLS’s networking event and more. I will continue to do this – not only because it’s good for my business, but also, it’s something I love to do. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and talking to new people everywhere I go…So much so that my husband makes fun of me for it.

What I’ve learned though and hopefully what you can also learn from this is consistency is key – no matter what you may choose to do that aligns with your personality. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, my husband and I put the kids on their school bus and then we enjoy a walk around the neighborhood together. Not only is it great for our health, but also for our relationship. This time alone with each other’s undivided attention at 6:30 am is precious to both of us. During our walk last week, my husband noticed a woodpecker and chuckled at how dumb it is for that bird to hammer its beak into word. However, it led us to an even more important discussion about the fact that it works. The bird consistently pecks at the same spot and eventually chisels a hole. Viola! It’s the bird’s consistency (sometimes over weeks at a time per Google). How cool!

So, I immediately applied that to my business. You see, I’m the same extroverted person in the North Carolina area that I am in the West Michigan area. This love for relationships and people has aided in my success in this industry. And, it’s something I like doing. I don’t prefer to call people and get hung up on, but some people don’t mind that at all and thrive in those types of money-making activities. So, I encourage YOU! I encourage you to hone in on what you naturally like to do, find a way to fit that into your business/business plan and to remain consistent with it. Be the woodpecker of your market!